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Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020, La Cocina Catering will be open, offering take-out and pick up service. We will continue to provide the community with our delicious entrees, many featuring our Urban Roots lettuce & basil, as we train individuals in the community in the culinary arts. Thank you for your support during this pandemic. All purchases directly support our Culinary Arts Training Program and helps to transform lives! Updated menus below. Stay Well!

Chrysalis Center’s La Cocina Culinary Arts Training Program is a social enterprise that serves as a job readiness training program for hospitality and catering . The program provides work ethic training, ServSafe Certification, and healthy and nutritional food preparation classes.  We provide our clients and other individuals in the community with extensive wrap-around services and support under the instruction of a five-star chef and case manager. We provide training to high-risk young adults and adults with major barriers such as mental health diagnosis, educational limitations, addictions and/or criminal records that may otherwise prevent them from obtaining gainful employment.  We are a licensed on-site and off-site caterer, insured to do business in the state of Connecticut. 

La Cocina Catering offers a diverse menu and catering for both personal and professional events.
There is a lot of competition in the local area; however, we believe that our customized options
and social mission set us apart from them.

Menus and ordering instructions below, enjoy!