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We are thrilled to announce Chrysalis Center’s Social Enterprise Initiative!

At Chrysalis Center, our mission is to provide supportive services to assist people in need to transform their lives.
As one of the State’s leading organizations serving Connecticut’s people living with mental illness and returning from homeless populations, we know that by developing and offering employment and training services we can provide individuals the opportunity to become employed, self-sufficient and independent. Many of our clients live at or below the poverty line and we are working hard to help solve the problem of unemployment and underemployment in our communities. Through Chrysalis Center’s La Cocina Culinary Arts Training program, the TCC (Training & Conference Center) and our full-service catering operation, we have successfully developed job training skills for clients in our community. In addition, we offer event space and an array of culinary services to the public which has begun to generate revenue to help support our mission.
Plans are underway to expand La Cocina's Culinary Arts Training Program and Offsite Catering!
Earlier this year, Chrysalis Center was selected as a finalist in the Social Enterprise Accelerator, an initiative from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s Nonprofit Support Program, designed to help nonprofit organizations expand beyond traditional funding sources to create a new source of revenue.
We were among 49 organizations who were initially engaged, and after participating in a series of extensive workshops, Chrysalis Center was selected as one of ten non-profits to complete this initiative. Through consultation and coaching with the HFPG and in partnership with “No Margin, No Mission”, a national consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations increase their earned income and entrepreneurial capacity, Chrysalis Center is prepared to create more job skills for people in our communities and expand our catering program.
Our goal is to help transform more lives, but we need your help!
We need to raise $100,000 this summer to begin phase one of this expansion.

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Mission Statement

Chrysalis Center provides supportive services to assist people in need to transform their lives.
Getting help…Getting better…Giving back.