Stories – Social Service meeting

St. Philip House, a program of Chrysalis Center, recently held the monthly meeting of the Plainville Community Services Provider.

Members of the group meet monthly to discuss many of the following items:

  • Information and Referral Services 
  • Assessment Services 
  • Advocacy Services 
  • Case Management Services 
  • Assistance with Other Agency Applications 
  • Screening for Plainville Food Bank, Fuel Bank and Holiday Program Referrals 
  • Screening for the T.P. Strong Fund 
  • Screening for and Provision of Emergency Assistance to residents to prevent Hunger, Homelessness and Illness 
  • Consultation & Assistance to Other Town Departments and Community Agencies on Social Service Matters 
  • Child & Elderly Protective Services Referrals 
  • Assisting in Probate Court and Residents with Social Service Matters

St. Philip House was honored to have the Plainville Community Providers choose their offices for this important monthly meeting. Please contact us should you need more information concerning any of the services offered by St. Philip House or Chrysalis Center.