Stories – 2018 AIDS Awareness Day

A rally was held on the North Steps of the State Capitol in Hartford on Wednesday, April 18th at 11 am to urge your legislators to hold the line on AIDS services, AIDS housing, and syringe services funding.


Wednesday, May 18th is AIDS Awareness Day in Connecticut. The event is sponsored by AIDS Connecticut and is intended to raise awareness and to urge the General Assembly to maintain state spending for AIDS programs.

Both Chrysalis Center employees and clients joined a rally in support of stopping the cutting of funds by the General Assembly in relation to AIDS programs. According to the Department of Public Health, there are currently over 10,000 individuals living with the condition in Connecticut.

Also attending the rally, were representatives from the AIDS LIFE (Legislative Initiative and Funding Effort) Campaign, a program of AIDS Connecticut. AIDS LIFE is Connecticut's only statewide group that focuses solely on all of the policy-related issues impacting people living with and at high risk for HIV/AIDS - from prevention and education, including needle exchange; to supportive services; to health care, such as Medicaid and CADAP; to housing.

In addition to their advocacy work at the legislature, members of the AIDS LIFE Campaign convene meetings with key state departments such as the Department of Public Health and the Department of Social Services to work with them on a whole host of issues ranging from contracts and timely payments, CADAP, Medicaid changes (e.g. prescription and provider visit co-pays), as well as federal issues such as the HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS) housing program, Ryan White funds, and other pertinent topics that arise.